Best Site for Real Amateur Porn Content

What’s not to love about homemade porn movies? Porn used to be a business that prided itself on its production value, big-name porn stars, and exquisitely curated shots. However, these days, you no longer need to be a porn director to create your own porn content.

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With HD phones and cameras becoming so accessible, making real amateur sex videos is only a matter of finding a willing partner as well as the right setting. Set up a tripod or hold onto the camera, and you’ve got an amateur porn video that’s sure to be a hit on xHamster.

Now, not all of us want to be the stars of our own porn movies. Some of us prefer to watch real amateur porn that has been filmed with genuine passion and wild abandon. And we’re not talking about “real homemade” porn that’s only made to look homemade. We’re talking about porn that’s actually made by people who just happen to have a camera on hand while they’re horny.

Below are some of the top homemade porn movie sites that stream true-to-life amateur porn.


Say goodbye to high production porn and hello to the gritty world of homemade! HomeMoviesTube is a site jam-packed with user-generated content. However, the backend folks over at HomeMoviesTube know that quality is king, so they filter out any crappy videos. This includes 30-second videos that look like they’ve been filmed with a VGA phone.

HomeMoviesTube contains some of the best amateur adult content you can find on the internet. You won’t be seeing any of those so-called amateur videos that often infiltrate homemade porn sites. On top of that, the simple and sleek design allows you to filter which types of content you want to see. Even though it’s all amateur porn, you’ll be surprised to find some real money shots that can put non-homemade porn to shame!

Yes, the name is pretty intimidating, but so is the content. Motherless is a tube site that also thrives on user-generated content. However, the difference between Motherless and other tube sites is in its minimal moderation. This means you might find some pretty extreme content at worst or absolutely weird content at best.

The amateur section over at Motherless features about 400k videos. These videos are only moderated for the most extreme content. However, as far as any other type of kinky or weird content goes, you’ll probably find it here. As for finding anything specific, you may need to dig a little deeper. The downside to minimal moderation is that not all videos have the right tags. That means you’ll have to meticulously browse through everything if you’re looking for that one specific theme.


xHamster is hands down one of the best porn sites out there. Their content is so well-organized and moderated that you can find a specific type of porn with clinical precision. That’s why when you search for amateur porn on xHamster, you really will see genuine homemade stuff.

As with any porn site, you may still find some fake “homemade” videos from big production companies. However, because of all the real amateurs uploading their videos, you’re more likely to stumble upon the real thing. Also, if you happen to be looking for videos from non-Americans, you’ll find a ton of European and Asian amateur porn in there too!

Get your homemade porn fix from these sites, and you’ll always find real amateur videos!